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Fruit for the Office

Here at Edgar’s we believe that having fresh fruit freely available at work will mean that employees are far more likely to reach for a healthy snack like a banana or apple than for something unhealthy from the vending machine, which is why we have introduced a fruit box delivery service.

Your admin and office staff will respond to your thoughtfulness and concern for their well-being in kind. It is amazing to think that something as simple as offering fruit can really make them feel more valued and appreciated, but it does!

Office fruit basket

Health and nutrition is increasingly valued in the UK and every week there are news items discussing the benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables. Having fresh fruit freely available at work means employees are far more likely to reach for a healthy snack like a banana or apple than something from the vending machine. The natural sugars in fruit provide slow release energy which allows us to remain alert for longer and helps to prevent afternoon ‘slumps’ and tiredness towards the end of the working day. In the medium to longer term, access to fruit via a fruit box delivery will help to result in better productivity, less illness and reduced absences.

Providing free fruit shows employees that your business cares about the health of your employees who in turn feel more appreciated and motivated.

Edgar’s Fruit is confident that businesses which offer health and wellbeing support to their employees are the most likely to benefit from increased employee retention and loyalty. So why wait? Order your fruit delivery today!

Our fruit boxes are all delivered in practical, fully recyclable cardboard, designed to protect your fruit and are now available with fresh milk delivery!

Choose from the following fruit box delivery options: 

  • Classic Fruit Box - 50 Pieces*:

    This selection contains all your favourites (bananas, apples, pears, kiwis, plums and grapes) plus some seasonal fruit. Perfect for big families, offices, classrooms and canteens. Dig in everyone! Read more…

  • Mini Classic Fruit Box - 30 pieces*:

    This range is a slightly smaller version of the Classic, but still contains all your favourites (bananas, apples, pears, kiwis, plums and grapes) plus some seasonal fruit. Perfect for smaller families, offices, classrooms and canteens. Read more…

  • Bespoke Fruit Boxes

    We’d be delighted to provide ‘item per item’ bespoke boxes and orders of any size – from nursery schools to restaurant kitchens! Just give our Fruit Customer Service Team a call to order. Read more…

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