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Fruit for the Gym

At Edgar’s we know that you will understand the importance of your Gym or Health Club setting the bar high when it comes to the wellbeing of its members. We also appreciate that you want to encourage both staff and members to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to reach their maximum potential. This is why we introduced a fantastic fruit box delivery service to make sure there is fresh fruit to hand at all times!

Smoothies are extremely popular and your personal trainers will no doubt already be extolling the virtues of them as a great way to achieve the 5 A DAY target for their clients. Edgar’s has fruit boxes that are freshly hand-packed and specifically designed for use in the making of delicious fruit smoothies. However, these are always more popular with female members.

Often the males who use your facilities will be more interested in building muscle and can suffer from a lack of vitamins because they neglect to eat enough fruit and vegetables whilst they are too busy with proteins and carbs! With our fruit delivery service, lack of vitamins will be a thing of the past.

Food for thought

Some interesting ‘food for thought’ is that research has shown that eating high glycemic carbs after a workout produces a greater amount of glycogen – needed to replenish that which is depleted in a hard gym session – than just normal carbs. Grapes are a very high glycemic fruit, making them an ideal post workout snack.

Studies also suggest that eating cherries can help ease aches and pains as they have a very high concentration of anthocyanins 1 and 2, which help block the enzymes associated with inflammation after strenuous exercise.

Providing fruit and vegetables, along with some dried fruit and nuts can help to keep an all-round healthy perspective on your staff and members’ welfare. So why wait? Order your fruit box delivery today!

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