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Fruit for Education

The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS) was set up to help children aged four to six who attend a fully state-funded infant, primary or other school to achieve their 5 A DAY by entitling them to receive a free piece of fruit or vegetable on each school day. Many of the children’s teachers find that distributing the fruit in class groups helps to encourage a sharing, calm, social time with discussion on the benefits of what is being eaten, and which fruits are the most popular. It also allows time to incorporate the benefits of 5 A DAY into teaching and learning.

At all stages of education offering fresh fruit is helping to provide students with at least one of their 5 A DAY portions, and reinforcing the awareness of the importance of eating fruit and vegetables, whilst encouraging healthy eating habits that can be carried into later life. Investing in our fruit box delivery service is the ideal way to ensure that your staff and students are recieveing the daily vitamins and nutrients they need.

Don't let good habits slip

Edgar’s believes that it is vitally important that good habits are not permitted to slip, even once a student moves on in to secondary school and higher education. With greater independence comes the desire for ‘fast food’ and energy boosting ‘quick fix’ food consumption.

The National Diet and Nutrition Survey found that the average consumption of fruit and vegetables for girls aged 11 to 18 was 2.7 portions with just 7% getting 5 A DAY. Nearly half of them are not getting enough iron in their diet either; so offering nuts and dried fruit via regular fruit box delivery can be of huge benefit too.

Don’t forget the staff room either - our fruit delivery service is perfect for motivating staff and boosting flagging energy levels in a busy educational establishment!

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