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Can you identify your fruit?

20th February 2018
Can you identify your fruit?

Are you one of the 25% that think a mango is an apple?

A recent study conducted by Yeo Valley found that millions of people in the UK cannot identify popular fruits, and a third were not able to tell the difference between a clementine, orange or tangerine. Dan Rusga, Marketing Director of Yeo Valley started the research as the company is launching a limited edition baobab yoghurt, but found that a large number of people are not only unaware of the baobab fruit but also confused between everyday fruits such as mangos and apples.

The baobab fruit is native to the regions of Madagascar, Africa, Arabia and Australia, and is a raw fruit that’s an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, fibre, vitamin B6, thiamine and calcium. In the study, Dan Rusga stated, “We knew that baobab might not be well known when we added it to our yoghurt. But we were very surprised by the number of people mixing up apples and mangos. It turns out that telling the story of our fruit is rather more important than we thought. If most people don’t know pineapples grow on the ground then this is a story we should be sharing with our customers.”

The study showed that a large percentage of Britain needs more fruit education, 50% didn't know that watermelons grow on the ground, and 85% thought that mulberries grow on trees and not bushes. 4 in 10 participants also mistook a mango for an apple, and the most shocking results showed 7% ticked ‘Halle Berry’ when asked to identify a mulberry. With this information, it’s unsurprising that 1 in 5 in the study felt they lacked basic knowledge about different fruits available.

Incorporating new fruits into your diet is great for your health and mind, everyone should know about different varieties of both fruit and vegetables available in the supermarkets, regardless of popularity. 

If you feel you need more information about different types of fruits, check out our fruit blog that discusses fruit health benefits and monthly recipes


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