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Are you putting yourself at risk of diabetes?

14th June 2017
Are you putting yourself at risk of diabetes?

Brits are eating less than 3 portions of fruit and veg a day!

Following a recent study, experts have found that up to two thirds of adults in the UK eat three or less portions of fruit and vegetables a day, increasing their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Health experts, Diabetes UK have expressed their concerns that the need to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day is not clear enough to the British public and that the standards of healthy eating across the country are a 'huge cause for concern'.

In a survey run by Diabetes UK, it was found that 66% of adults in the UK admit to eating only three or less portions of fruit and vegetables each day, some even admitted to being unclear as to the sizes of a 'portion' of fruit or vegetables.

Currently, there are over 3 million people in Britain living with diabetes and it is feared that a further 11.9 million people are putting themselves at risk of contracting diabetes due to their unhealthy eating habits.

Diabetes UK's Head of Prevention, Helen Dickens says: "Everybody knows they should be eating 'five a day' and yet this survey suggests that this message simply isn't getting through."

"It's alarming to learn that the vast majority of people are still a long way off eating enough fruit and vegetables."

It is certainly concerning to see the number of people across the country who are putting themselves at risk of Type 2 diabetes due to an unhealthy, imbalanced diet.

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