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Benefits of Fruit Baskets


fruit baskets delivered in LondonWhen it comes to high quality fruit baskets delivered to your office door, we pride ourselves on the fact that all our fruit is hand selected and packed in your box with the greatest of care.

Our mission is to bring you our very best and fresh produce, delivered free, direct to your office, kitchen or school’s door. There’s no hanging about in a supermarket crate for our fruit - we’re keen to get it to you as quickly as we can so you can start enjoying it!

Our fruit team deliver fresh fruit baskets in the UK at affordable prices, so that no one can resist reaching for the healthy option that looks appealing, tastes great and is full of nutrients to keep everyone satisfied and happy throughout the day. Let us help you to ensure that you, your work colleagues, or your family always get '5 a day'.

Our fruit baskets are delivered in practical, eco-friendly) cardboard so just choose from:

What are the benefits of fruit baskets?

Want to find out more about how our fruit basket delivery service you benefit you and your business? View the benefits of fruit baskets below or contact our team today!

  • Boost staff morale - Having a fresh fruit basket on offer to your staff at all times will help to boost morale by creating a healthier atmosphere that relies on energy boosting snacks such as fruit, rather than causing a sugar-rush with cake and sweets!
  • Save time and money - With fresh fruit baskets being delivered direct to your office door, there's no need to spend time and money on a member of your team heading out to the shop for supplies - Did you know we offer fresh milk delivery?
  • Fresh ingredients - Our fruit baskets are filled to the brim with only the very freshest fruit, helping your team get their 5-a-day everyday.

  • Free delivery - We offer free delivery with our fruit baskets, snack boxes and fresh milk! Some exclusions may apply, give us a call for more details!

Fruit baskets delivered direct to your door

Classic Fruit Box - 50 Pieces

This selection contains all your favourites (bananas, apples, pears, kiwis, plums and grapes) plus some seasonal fruit. Perfect for big families, offices, classrooms and canteens. Read more…

Bespoke Fruit Boxes

We’d be delighted to provide ‘item per item’ bespoke boxes and orders of any size – from nursery schools to restaurant kitchens! Just give our Fruit Customer Service Team a call to order and we'll deliver your fruit basket direct to your door. Read more…

Fruit Smoothie Box

A delicious assortment of seasonal fruit ideal for whizzing into delightful smoothies. Always includes bananas and strawberries with other appropriate soft fruit. Read more…

Mini Classic Fruit Box - 30 pieces

This range is a slightly smaller version of the Classic, but still contains all your favourites (bananas, apples, pears, kiwis, plums and grapes) plus some seasonal fruit. Perfect for smaller families, offices, classrooms and canteens. Read more…


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